Have you Considered These Fungus Toenail Cures?

Published: 30th May 2007
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Finding the right fungus toenail cure that works for you may take some effort but is definitely worth it to get rid of the fungal infection. That annoyance is due to several factors that are key to understanding this condition and it's solution or therapy. But all most of us know is that getting rid of the fungus is not very easy.

The problem is the very nature of this condition. Once you have it, it's very difficult to completely cure regardless of the promises that claim they have a remedy that works. While you may be researching for a fungus toenail online, remember that by it's very nature, onychomycosis is considered chronic.

Fungi are living organisms that are members of the mushroom family. They disseminate and grow in many places that are damp and warm including your shoes. How much of the chronic nature of the problem is caused by re-infection is unknown. Ok, it's chronic and difficult to cure but coming into contact with the infection again isn't a good idea. We may accidentally come into contact with the source of the fungus because we don't take adequate precautions to eliminate those sources in our homes. If so, we need to start thinking proactively instead of reactively.

Trying to keep toe fungus under control in your home does take some effort but may help limit re-infection. Use a low strength solution of regular laundry chlorine bleach and disinfect the bathtub on a regular basis. Simply pour a cup or so in enough hot water to cover the bottom of the tub by an inch or so. Let set 30 minutes or more and rinse with clean water. You may also want to throw in any shower mats to clean them as well.

Shoe care is another aspect of limiting exposure to the fungus. Shoes damp from sweat are a perfect breeding ground for a fungal infection. Airing them out daily and even using an anti-fungal spray can help get rid of the spores and potential re-infection.

**** 2 of the Most Popular nail fungus Treatment Options ***

Add Alkaline to Change Ph!

Changing the alkaline - acidity levels in your body or around the infected toenail is considered by many a key to any effective remedy. From the idea of eating different foods to naturally increase the alkalinity of your body to simply soaking your infected nails in an alkaline solution of some sort are all based on this one idea. Considering the number of people offering a variety of vinegar based solutions, and the number of people who claim success, there must be some truth to this theory.

Vinegar - Fungus toenail

Vinegar has been used with success in treating a variety of ailments including toenail fungus. The idea is basically the same which is to make the living area of the fungus uninhabitable by changing the Ph balance. Although not a scientifically proven method, using vinegar does have a much larger group of people claiming successful cure of their toe fungus.

There are many home products that people have used to try and treat their toe fungus. These include many items from the kitchen pantry including, garlic or olive oils, Cayenne pepper and even Oregano. Most simply do not work and again leave the person unhappy and frustrated with the results.

FUNG-B-GONE is a product that uses vinegar as a base to quickly change the Ph, of the fungus growth area which has been known to work for many people suffering with this problem. FUNG-B-GONE is a great fungus toenail treatment that will give you clear youthful nails.

Whatever home remedy or treatment you decide to use, remember that re-infection can happen. Protect yourself and your loved ones by taking precautions to limit exposure to this difficult to cure problem.

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